Monday, May 07, 2018

Breaking up California; Repeal the 17th Amendment? ; Keep the Electoral College?

Billionaire Tim Draper may very well get an initiative to split California into three states on the ballot in November.

The “New California” state would be centered around Los Angeles. “South California” would have San Diego as its largest city, and “North California” would include the Bay Area, and probably most of Silicon Valley.  (I think San Jose would be in it.)

Congress could conceivable approve it but it sounds like a long shot politically, especially if Democrats make gains in 2018.

Texas has the right to split into five states by budding or "asexual reproduction" (like that of jellyfish). 

There is some talk in conservative circles of repealing the 17tj Amendment, the direct election of senators.  That would make (local politics) and state elections more interesting to voters.

Rick Sincere carried on a debate about the 17th Amendment repeal on his own blog here
And, despite Trump’s election, George Will has called the Electoral College an “excellent system”. 

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