Sunday, May 27, 2018

Bring back the military draft for men, New York Post op-ed argues; debated on Fox News Sunday morning

This Sunday morning, Memorial Day weekend, Fox News reported and debated an op-ed by F. H. Buckley in the New York Post, urging resuming the draft, as a pullback from the “libertarian” measure (in 1973 with Nixon!) that has allowed young people to take the world for granted.  Of course, a libertarian would call the draft as involuntary servitude aka slavery.
That seems to be partly an answer to the public die-ins by “privileged” high school students that it is not fair for them to have to be exposed personally to gun violence that comes from “other people’s problems”.
He makes no bones about the idea that it should still be a male-only draft.  Gender confers obligations??  What would he do with Trump’s transgender ban attempt?  What would he think of the 2011 repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell”?  Trunp, of course, got out of it.  This is a "skin in the game" problem. 
He also refers to a Feb. 2017 op-ed by Debbie Truong in the Washington Post, “School boards increasingly embrace the ABC’s of social activism”, link .

Todd South had made arguments for resuming the draft in the Military Times in July 2017 .  He talks about egalitarian service as an obligation, and about the civilian-military gap. It’s likely he would want to include women (as does Israel).   There have been proposals to force women to register for Selective Service.

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