Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Die In" for gun violence turns into a small event about voting rights (at Capitol)

After attending the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup parade on Constitution Avenue Tuesday, I went over to the west lawn of the Capitol and caught the end of the “National Die In Day”, followed by a speech (Eleanor) asking everyone to vote in November.

There were placards supporting the 2nd Amendment, and even one saying that gay people in places like Pulse should be able to defend themselves (“Pink Pistols”). Indeed, I know of someone, a grad student in Texas, quite proud of his concealed carry permit.  But that’s Texas (where I was recently).

I met a young man named Sam (himself white and well educated) who was quite into the activism of getting minorities registered to vote, probably extending David Hogg’s ideas (I didn’t see David there; maybe he was in NYC’s event). He was quite passionate about the ruling from the Supreme Court Monday purging inactive voters in Ohio – the centrist USA Today story here

The case was Husted v. Philip Randolph Institute, slip opinion 

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