Thursday, June 07, 2018

Swatting can be deadly (David Hogg's family home was involved in an incident)

This incident of “swatting” David Hogg’s family wasn’t funny.  An op-ed (Matthew Fleischer)   from the Los Angeles Times explains why it could be perceived as attempted murder.
I wasn’t aware that the police would have burst the door down.  No one was home at the time.

The kooks on the far alt-right really act scared of this teen, as if he were an alien who could conquer the world .  There is the site “Hoggwatch . (Mark Zuckerberg has been called an “alien” giving us a “close encounter of the fourth kind”.)  I hav to admit, it’s all too easy to envision Hogg playing himself in a Marvel superhero movie, and piling up the box office numbers.  It is all too easy for the talented and quick-witted to get rich on disasters.  But that’s just capitalism, which has benefited me tremendously, without being that quick.

Picture above: downtown Miami, my trip, late 2011 

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