Friday, June 08, 2018

Trump props up coal, nuclear at the expense of consumers; viewed by some as "socialist" as well as protectionistic

The Washington Post is now calling president Donald Trump a “socialist” after he ordered energy secretary Rick Perry to “prop up” nuclear and coal-fired plants, which would cost consumers more in order to subsidize coal jobs in his narrow base.  The editorial link from Thursday is here
The Post says this measure is justifiable only in a real national emergency (which could have happened with North Korea).  It also maintains that conventional nuclear power is defendable but not coal.

On Monday, I actually spotted the Commanche Peak nuclear plant near Glen Rose, TX while on a trip, from a distance;  could not get my own picture.  But I had visited the plant on a Sierra Club trip in 1982, when we also visited a private wildlife refuge (Fossil Rim) there.

Flying back from Dallas Tuesday, I spotted many mountaintop removal mines from the air in southern West Virginia, possibly the Kayford mine. Strip mines do not employ as many workers as underground mines.

Trump had already canceled Obama-era regulations on coal.  Luke Andraka (Jack’s brother) had done a major science fair project on mine waste before going to Virginia Tech, which is overshadowed only by his brother’s fame (at Stanford). 

Commanche Peak picture from Wikipedia CCSA 4.0:
By Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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