Monday, July 30, 2018

Charles Murray, and some other libertarian-leaning conservatives, actually propose Universal Basic Income

At least one conservative economist is backing the idea of UNI, or Universal Basic Income, according to the Monday morning July 30 front page story in the Washington Times, story by James Varney. 

The story refers to an essay by Charles Murray in the weekend Wall Street Journal on June 3, 2016, “A guaranteed income for every American”.  Murray expects it to replace all other federal transfers or wealth (maybe even Social Security, in some formulations, like his?)  That is, he replaces the “welfare state”.  Murray has advocated encouraging behaviors that improve neighborhood social capital.

Democratic socialist primary winner Olavia-Cortez doesn’t go as far as UBI, instead wanting to guarantee jobs.  Bernie Sanders has stopped short, instead advocating Medicare for all.
Vox Media, normally a middle of the road publication, has supported the idea, in pieces by Ezra Klein and others.
It almost sounds as if Trump could support the idea if his base liked it.

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