Thursday, August 09, 2018

Aviation Week has major report on fire safety of lithium batteries in flight; quick work on safer batteries is needed

Aviation Week has an important article by Bill Carey on the risks of allowing lithium ion batteries in checked luggage.   The site is a bit of a pain to log on to, with the way the free membership sign on works. There are also a lot of popups. (Why isn't it https?) 

The article explains the incident where some airlines overseas banned onflight airlines larger than cellphones because of intelligence suggesting terrorists could conceal plastic weapons in laptops.
The problem in checked luggage is if a larger number of devices with lithium batteries are in the same small volume of space.

The article also discusses the development of new fire retardants on planes to replace Halon because of ozone layer depletion.

There is no industry to rent secure computer equipment and access or phones on the group comparable to car rental. That’s because everyone carries their own laptops and phone and often hotspots.

I usually take a high-end but small windows-based ASUS laptop for air travel, and I have TSA’s registered traveler. 

So far I’ve had very good connectivity when traveling when I use a Verizon hotspot. 
There is work to test magnesium batteries as safer. There is also a new dual carbon battery.

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