Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Complete hypocrisy in the immigration debate with undocumented farm workers

Mollie Tibbetts’s death may have driven inappropriate right wing “told you so” comments, but it has alwo unveiled a not so secret practice: large farms hired undocumented immigrants and get away with it.  According to the story by Alan Gomez, 47% of agricultural workers are undocumented.

The policy debate is, if you want to implement e-Verify everywhere, you need a legal guest worker program.

It seems hard to believe that Trump’s base, in so many farm and agricultural states, doesn’t get this.

But other manufacturers are also affected, as with this truck trailer manufacturer in Texas (NBC

There is also a problem in that US citizens are often detained by ICE, and given the physical circumstances often they can’t find the documentation proving citizenship (Cato). 

In fact, citizens born near the border are being investigated for possible "citizenship fraud" when they apply for passports (Washington Post story). 
And how about this case of “family separation”, Detroit metro story. 

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