Monday, August 20, 2018

Fox News is pushing a Convention of States for a balanced budget amendment

A Fox News late Sunday night Aug. 19 talked about the “Convention of States” under Article V of the Constitution.
This is the less common method to amend the Constitution.  It was attempted with the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1980s. It requires that 34 states (two thirds of legislatures) call for Congress to call a convention to make certain amendments. (Interesting question: does it require both houses of each state if not unicameral).  An amendment must be ratified by three fourths of states (now 38).

Conservatives want to use this method to propose a balanced budget amendment, particularly in the context of possible cuts in entitlements (that could affect Social Security, for example). 

Conservatives do not believe Congress will do this by itself (first method).

Some activists fear that such a method could be used to overturn abortion (Roe v Wade) or even gay marriage (Obergefell). Norquist will probably engage this effort. 

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