Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Trump further loosens federal rules on coal to please his base

The Trump administration has announced a new coal ash policy that will relax federal enforcement of anti-pollution standards and turn responsibility back to the states.
The Verge has a story by Rachel Becker, about the implementation of an Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE), which replaces Obama’s clean power plan.
There is no doubt that this move placates Trump’s base in coal states, and can result in weaker regulation of mountaintop removal, also (which doesn’t help coal miners keep jobs much).

The New York Times’s Lisa Friedman reports on the projected increase in deaths from subvisible particulate matter released near coal facilities, up to 1400 more deaths a year story.
CNN (Jeremy Diamond and Ellie Kaufman) reports that Trump heads to West Virginia to rally his base, while Dr. Sanja Gupta discusses the medical risks to people in the region.  

Trump just wants to let his base have fun at everyone else's expense -- and their own expense -- for two terms of payback. 
Yes, we'll come back to Cohen and Manafort soon. And Stormy Who??? 

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