Friday, September 28, 2018

Can insurance companies deny coverage with data from fitbits or similar automated trackers?

I walked through a Macy’s on the way to the Metro yesterday and noticed Fitbits being sold along the pathway.  

The Washington Post Wonkblog, in a story by Christopher Ingraham, warns that the John Hancock Life Insurance company wants to track your fitbit data to set lower premiums.

The Conversation makes a similar report about United Health Care (whom I have through AARP as Medicare supplement for Part B) with Qualcomm, and a lot of other monitoring could detect diseases or arrhythmias. There is a an EKG which can be taken by simply placing two thumbs on the device (no chest leads or shaving, as with the Holter Monitor).
Personally, I don’t want to wear a device so an insurance company or employer can monitor me.  However, these devices seem less invasive than they might have been.

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