Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mommy blogger attracts national attention blaming men for all abortions and unwanted pregnancies, with possible draconian actions

While I’m “on the road”, a mommy blogger Gabrielle Blair seems to have captured the media’s attention this morning with her Twitter thread blaming men for all unwanted pregnancies and for the moral outrages over abortion (in view of concerns that a Trump Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade). 

Here is her kernel blog post  and here is her Twitter thread

The Independent in the UK has a sample commentary .
Some sensational media reports suggest that she has said all men should have vasectomies in early adulthood or even face castration.  I don’t think Trump would agree.
Ironically, for this Mormon mom, it would be fair to ask if why cis gay men share any blame.
I don’t know what Heather Armstrong’s "firehose of flaming condemnation" (“dooce”) has said about this matter yet, but I can imagine.  
I would wonder if the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and now the accusations against him have helped feed the controversy this week.  

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