Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NYTimes editorial discusses weighing the "risk" of kids playing football -- when POC kids need it as a chance for prosperity

Andrew Hart has run an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times, “The Kids Who Still Need Football”, link (paywall).

There is a tagline: “America is moving away from this dangerous sport. But some families will decide the risks are worth it.”

Of course, he is talking about the concussion risk, which is appearing in previous pro-football players as leading to progressive brain damage in later years.  Generally, we haven’t heard about this a lot in previous college and high school players.  But Malcom Gladwell has written that being a football fan is morally questionable.

You can guess where the article goes.  Children of color are more likely to get a ticket out of poverty with sports, and the most promising is American football.

Baseball, soccer, ice hockey, and basketball all seem much mess hazardous generally.  Soccer might have the heading issue. 

Here’s another piece, by Edwin Rios, in Mother Jones, May 2018. The risk to high schoolers is worse than scientists thought. 
And it’s true, the real “Young People Will Win” crowd – all of the kids are articulate, bright, and don’t play contact sports. 

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