Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Racial diversity requires affirmative action" at elite schools, NYTimes columnist writes

Susan Dyanarski offers a column in the New York Times, “Economic View”, “Racial Diversity Requires Affirmative Action”, page 6, Sunday Business section. The tagline is “at elite colleges, admissions focusing on low income won’t help many minority students”.

Of course, the moral focus on many more moderate publications (like Vox) has been to focus on class rather than race per se in dealing with inequality.

But the article shows that at elite colleges like Harvard, legacy familial admissions complicate things.  Six times as many low-income applicants are white as minority, the article says. 
Admissions based on race are complicated by the fact that some groups do better.  Bias against Asian men has been an issue.  And claims to be a “person of color” can often be subjective.  A mixed-race person can look “white”.  And technically some darker skinned people from the Middle East and India are considered Caucasian.
I have personally never been one to do things by groups. 

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