Monday, September 10, 2018

Why are Americans repeatedly ill prepared for natural disasters?

USA Today on Monday ran a story about Americans as a “go bag” people, not prepared for natural disasters.  The story by Rick Hampson is here.

There is a story of a woman in LA whose family survived a 1961 fire, who rebuilt in the area when it was ash and had another fire.

Several places I have lived have had disasters after I left.  An apartment complex in New Jersey would be flooded by the Raritan River.  In Dallas, an apartment I had lived in burned after I left (drug lab, supposedly) in the late 80s.

It is very difficult for most people of average means to live in areas that are “safer”.  Yet, our building in coastal areas and on exurban interface areas makes it a lot worse.

Here’s a Facebook video up-close of a huge tornado in Wray, Co (northeastern part of state). 

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