Monday, October 29, 2018

Observance for Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue victims in Washington DC

News2share (Ford Fischer) has YouTube video of the memorial observances vigil for victims of the Pittsburgh shooting, outside the White House.

I’ve driven the Squirrel Hill tunnel many times.  I visited the neighborhood most recently in November 2012 (had been to Ohio the day before).

We are getting into a real bind on this one, where the permissive policies regarding the ability to post online speech does expose the public to unpredictable risk from unusually unstable and combative people.
There is also the issue of a comprehensive explanation of “anti-semitism” where the world “globalism” is, as Anderson Cooper explained, a trigger for some people. Most of us are not familiar with this. Jeffrey Herf has a detailed explanation in the Washington Post here

Dara Lind explains also how the refugee and asylum seeker issue fit into the event, for Vox, here.
The group at the Tree of Life synagogue was called HIAS. 

“The Tree of Life” was a major Terrence Malick film for Fox Searchligh in 2011.

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