Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Trump administration tries to have it both ways on pre-existing conditions with the 1332's

The Trump administration is punting on pre-existing conditions, by pretending it can let the states decide.

Dylan Scott explains all this on Vox today with an ambiguous title, “The Trump admin has cooked up a new plan to bring back pre-existing conditions”, link.
The trick is so-called 1332 waivers, which would allow states to use Obamacare subsidies to fund skimpy alternative plans, which young and healthy people are likely to use. But a state could also use it for single payer within the state.  States have used it for reinsurance pools already, which is a good idea.  Susan Collins has pushed this in Maine.
 Here's something I found on PrEP, the copay accumulator concept. 

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