Saturday, November 03, 2018

Smerconish, David Brooks disagree on how America's polarization persists

Saturday morning, Michael Smerconish on CNN said that most Americans are in the middle politically – they want health care to cover pre-existing conditions, and family leave, want some sensible moderation on immigration (including DACA to be properly fixed by Congress), and to leave people alone personally (gay rights and transgender) and probably want some gun control and possibly limits on hate speech – but it’s the extremes, who make up 15% of the population, who keep getting all the media attention. Columbia Journalism Review talks about this (June 2018) in a piece by Peter Vernon, here

Yet, in a NYT column called “The Retrenchment Election”, David Brooks characterized all of us as remaining polarized, rural v. urban, here

I think a group called Better Angels would be included to agree with Smerconish (who is a “conservative” of the right ilk – do your (actuarial) math first before making policy proposals and see what you can afford).
The “Better Angels” video above was streamed at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where I went to grad school (MA, Math) in the 1960s.

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