Monday, November 05, 2018

The mid-term examination for all of us occurs Tuesday; Washington Post has major editorial on Internet governance

Okay, Tuesday November 6, 2018 is the big day. 

O, boy, I remember a math course in grad school where on the first day the professor say, “your grade is based on a mid-term and a final exam”.  So Tuesday is Donald Trump’s mid-term.

But this is about “The People”.  The legislature.  It sounds more likely that Democrats will take the house, because the early voting returns suggest that more young people are voting.  I do congratulate David Hogg, and his accomplishments in the voting arena may turn out to be more important than the gun control issue.  And, personally, I hope he attends Stanford next fall (Jack Andraka graduates next spring).

David cannot serve in the House until after the 2026 election, when he would be 26. That raises another issue.  If you want to do something about climate change, you need to elect young adults now, because they have the “skin in the game” to live through the consequences after my generation is gone.

I’m “all set”, as they say at Starbucks when they had you your food as your charge is approved.  (Even if the salesperson roots for the Boston Red Sox.)  I registered in Fairfax County a week after I moved in 2017 and got the card in the mail with the polling place, and it’s an 800 foot walk from my condo.

Because of the circumstances with my own projects I haven’t made time for any sustained voluntarism commitment.  So I have not registered voters or driven them to the polls. Actually, at 75, I don’t think I should use a car for any future volunteer activities.  I just vote, in every election, every primary.

We should remember the sacrifice in 1964 of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner in Mississippi, when I was 21, during a troubling period of my own life.  

This would normally go on a different blog, but I want to note right now that “Gab” is back up and that the Washington Post has a major editorial this morning on whether Internet infrastructure companies (as opposed to social media hosts) feel a responsibility to monitor content and who can use their utilities.  I have an extended comment on the Post site. 

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