Sunday, December 02, 2018

Activist attorney Bryan Stevenson says white America has no idea what really happens

Newsweek has published a long and challenging essay about the work activist attorney Bryan Stevenson, by writer Mary Kaye Schilling, “America Is Racist.  So What Do We Do Now?” The link is here.  The piece was suggested by Blendle Essentials.

Stevenson bases his ideas on the observation that most white Americans, especially older ones who grew up and prospered under some de facto segregation, have no concept of what non-white Americans experience. He gets into the history of lynching, and I wonder if Gode Davis had interviewed him in his unfinished documentary “American Lynching”.

I can remember a coworker in the mid 1990s who told me he was raising his son to expect discrimination. 

Some of the issues, in my own workplace experience have to do with different perceptions of personal success, in work and life.
I visited many of the areas in Alabama that Stevenson discusses in May 2014.

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