Monday, December 17, 2018

Amazon may become choosier about the profitability of what it lists

Whatever the controversy over Amazon’s moving to Arlington VA (Crystal City) and Long Island City, Queens, NYC, the Wall Street Journal has a possibly significant article (by Dan Gallagher) about Amazon’s looking at products it sells as “CRaP”, or “can’t make a profit”. 

So far that appears to apply only to foods, soft drinks, appliances, and maybe some furnishings. This concern seems to have to do with Amazon trying to become a hybrid Wal-Mart. Some items are relatively expensive to ship given their value. 

And it appears to apply only to stock items.

Still, you wonder if this could eventually matter for books (especially self-published) carried as POD, with the enormous volume of titles, many of which don’t sell for long.
Amazon has also offered Prime members some important new independent films (often science-fiction or detective mystery genre) for free, a smaller scale version of Netflix.

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