Saturday, December 29, 2018

Trump's goal-line defense of his base on The Wall could lead to much more hardship-related shutdown this time

All indications suggest that Donald Trump is dug in on insisting on funding for the southern border wall. Vlogger Tim Pool says he will never give in. Others say he wants to keep the government closed to impede an impeachment investigation.

We’ll see on Jan. 3, if Congress can come to its senses.  But it would require Republicans to help override a veto, as it would take them to impeach Trump.  There has been some talk that Mike Pence wants to offer a $2.5 billion compromise.

Republicans would have to “fire” Trump, so to speak.

We’ve had long shutdowns (3 weeks) before, during the Clinton years.  We think they will blow over.

OK, the stock market has gotten over the shutdown, and the Syria pullout.  Give credit to the vlogger "Economic Invincibility", whose brain style (like "Donovan's Brain", 1953)  traders listen to (and so do some conservative politicians).

What is so dangerous is that Trump has no shame in forcing others to “sacrifice” to please his “aggrieved” base, “The People”.  It sounds Marxist, or else ethno-nationalist.

Contractors don’t get paid, and some furloughed workers may not this time (they were in the past) and those working without pay can have trouble with mortgages and rent.

And Trump sounds mean in announcing a federal pay freeze.

When I worked for a Census survey, we were threatened with a shutdown in March 2011.  It didn’t happen. But I would have quit.  I was not willing to allow my own life to become barter for somebody else’s partisan political objectives.
Should ordinary citizens support the affected workers with crowdfunding?  Is this my moral obligation?  I’ve said even that I ordinary don’t run other people’s fundraisers under my own name (and the reasons I’ve explored elsewhere).  Should I contribute myself?  Maybe privately?  I never would have taken the idea seriously before.  This time it could be different.  Next week is critical.  I have a trust that I benefit from – and though this blog is not the right place to get into that – there are some ways I am supposed to behave with respect to “special needs”. It seems personally insulting, however, to be expected to be the backup for somebody else’s failed systems.

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