Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A Congressional Commission prepares interim report on Selective Service, national service.

The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service (“Strengthening American democracy through service”) released an interim report today.

Here is the Executive Summary, which is interesting.   Americans were receptive to the idea of coordinated national service, but many are not aware of Selective Service Registration requirements.

The Summary has a socially compelling definition of the concept of "service", Jimmy Carter style. Tim Pool, below, points out toward the end of his video that the commission seems to lean in the direction of an unofficial expectation of some kind of service during young adulthood (possibly in retirement), making the non-server as the "odd man out".  Service means mandatory socialization. 

The commission will consider both requiring women to register, and with abolishing the registration requirement altogether. Many do not know that the registration for transgender persons is based only on birth biological sex.   On the other hand, they will consider carrots for national service.

People were interviewed based on data from several specialized Census surveys.  NPR has a story on the report now.  Smerconsih ran a survey for CNN about service for young Americans and it registered at 68% yes.

  What if if were required for Social Security?  Access?  Opportunity?  Obligation?  The Report says 71% of people 17-24 don't qualify for military service.  (Did that include women?)  Tattoos were one of the reasons!  Another question concerned the quality of civics education. 
There will be more discussion of this matter soon.

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