Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Bre Payton's death: yes, flu can still kill young people; unfortunate comments on Twitter follow

The sudden death of Federalist columnist Bre Payton should give us all cause for sober reflection.  Here is a memoir by colleague David Marcus. 

It is possible even today for someone young and healthy to die suddenly of infections disease. Apparently she had H1N1 influenza and somehow it led to encephalitis. We don’t know for sure whether she had taken the vaccine.

Young adults going to live in dorm arrangements should be wary of bacterial meningitis, especially Type B, for which there is a new vaccine.  That’s a germ that has been responsible for quadruple amputations.

People going overseas to volunteer need more shots than they get – including Ebola in more areas.
I did live through the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.  During the earliest years, some people went from being strong and healthy do wasting and dying in less than a year.
Unfortunately there has been some mean rhetoric about Bre on Twitter because she wrote for a “conservative” paper.  Simply unbelievable. Crass tweets can come back years later to drive you out of a job.  I actually shared the backlash that showed up on my phone with a couple friends on the Metro last night coming back. 

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