Friday, January 04, 2019

California law limits pet shops to rescued animals

I do expect to get to the subject of the shutdown and Wall soon – it isn’t clear enough yet – but I’ll take a moment tonight to note California’s new law preventing pet stores from getting animals (usually dogs and cats) from puppy mills.

Pets can be bred and sold to individuals or families without going through stores.  But this would seem to limit the commercial volume pet business. 

But the state wants consumers to look at animal shelters first.

The law is viewed as an expansion of animal rights, or the recognition that higher mammals like carnivores have much more self-awareness than the law has given them credit for.

You have to have some smarts and problem solving ability, predictive of primates and humans, to hunt for a living. And it takes some smarts for an animal to build a relationship with a being of another species – us.   And we keep seeing stories on YouTube of larger wild cats, like bobcats, remembering humans that they have interacted with. 
What happens when we turn attention to whales and dolphins?

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