Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Could Trump's shutdown be intended to undermine FBI and justify a "real" national security declaration for power seizure later? MSNBC warns of this idea

Rachel Maddow has a major video this morning noting how the shutdown can endanger national security.  The video is not embeddable. 
Maddow suggests that a shutdown could be politically motivated to hamper the FBI.  She then discusses how FBI security clearances work.  The same considerations seem to apply to DHS.  This seems to invite the risk of future terror incidents, which would then justify a real national security emergency with draconian powers.

She suggests that a shutdown can put the personal security clearances, through financial strains, on law enforcement personnel, for life.
Visitors should be aware that serious questions have surfaced on how much real physical evidence will come forth on Buzzfeed’s recent story connecting Trump to possible obstruction of justice through Cohen (see Tim Pool’s videos).  However, Vox’s Sean Illing has an interview of several experts on the potential legal consequences for Trump and relevance for impeachment.   But it is a no-brainer that Trump’s behavior with respect to the last-minute shutdown (and Ann Coulter) could be related to the impeachment threat – and that threatens national security, as Maddow argues.
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