Friday, January 18, 2019

Does the Buzzfeed story on new evidence against Trump and Cohen affect the shutdown? Probably, and don't make any airline reservations for a while

OK:  Maybe this is spreading rumors, but here is the Buzzfeed story where Michael Cohen claims he was instructed to lie to Congress about his tower in Moscow. 

If actual evidence appears, then Trump apparently would be caught in the same position as Nixon with the tapes in 1974. The evidence would be texts or emails.

Then Trump cancels Pelosi’s use of military aircraft to fly to several overseas locations to visit troops.  When Pelosi et al make plans for commercial flights, the White House leaks it, causing grave security threats and Pelosi to cancel. 

The Washington Post is suggesting that it may take federal wildcat strikes, as by the TSA, to end this standoff – shut down all of air travel.  Some activists want to shut down the Internet or the financial system.  NBC's Chuck Todd has made similar suggestions. 

Don't make any airlines reservations until this is all settled (which could mean impeachment). 

But there are stories that it takes only four more GOP senators to override a veto. 
The Overton Window shifts.

Update: Jan 19

Mueller's office has disputed that there is any evidence of the Buzzfeed report (Washington Post);  other major and indie news sources follow with questions, especially Smerconish on Sat. AM. 

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