Monday, January 07, 2019

Trump to address the nation apparently "only" on southern border crisis, after public appeals on Twitter for both sides to deal now

Today I answered two of Donald Trump’s tweets.  I challenged him along with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to strike a deal at $3 billion, stop holding workers hostage, and stop the partisanship. Here it is

Then when Trump tweeted that he will address the Nation Tuesday night at 9 PM, I replied.   

I am mystified by Democrat refusal to deal at all on the Wall issue, which could be needed in some locations.  

Note that Trump said he would address the nation on the humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border.  Presumably his words, taken literally, mean he is concerned only about the southern border, and not other threats that are likely much more really dangerous to the US.  Trump’s announced intention to visit the southern border Thursday supports this notion.  Peter Bergen’s link to the history of real threats (from various other foreign sources, especially radical Islam and probably North Korea) is relevant.

But also cybersecurity, along with certain other technological threats (EMP) really could pose a national security emergency.   The asymmetric effect  (as in Nicholas Taleb’s “Skin in the Game”) of a lot of spontaneous Internet speech when read overseas is quite unpredictable and could conceivably justify Chinese-style clampdowns here. I talked about this Saturday on my “Books blog” review of an Atlantic article (q.v.).
Wall Street didn't act worried today, but it might not have digested the news or thought this deeply into the implications. 

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