Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Trump's emergency declaration may make building a wall harder: legal expertiese needed badly

Yulyah Panfil has an interesting article on CNN explaining why Trump’s emergency declaration makes building more wall harder. 

The problem is that only Congress can appropriate money to acquire real estate property along the border by eminent domain. Trump may be able to manipulate military projects, but not take land from civilians without Congress. 

And there are not many lawyers schooled in both constitutional law, and real estate (property rights), to see how to connect the dots. 

Chris Cuomo tonight reported on a story that migrant family crossings are at an all time high, often seeking detention as safer than life in Central America – and the border patrol is unprepared for the volume.  This does sound like an emergency of sorts – and contradicts earlier claims that “illegal” entry has declined.  Here is the NPR story by Joel Rose and John Burnett.  

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