Sunday, May 05, 2019

The issue of arming teachers gets me in trouble on Twitter

Alex Samuels has an article in the Texas Tribune about a school safety marshal program.  Teachers can volunteer to become safety monitors and be trained to carry weapons.

The article takes the position that students of color might be disproportionately at risk from misfires by teacher gun use.

I got involved this morning in a couple of tweet storms over this.
Essentially, I’ve said I would not re-enter teaching (that is, subbing, which I did 2004-2007) because I would feel pressured to prove I could protect students by being armed.  Some of this goes back to my problems with discipline when I worked as a sub.  Then recently consider the student at UNC-Charlotte who gave his life throwing himself on a crazed gunman. There is a presumption that manliness requires that any man be able to step up to do that, or he doesn’t belong in any position where others count on him to protect him.  Then maybe he doesn’t belong at all, he’s a mooch.
(At one sub assignment in the spring of 2005, a teacher was arrested for having a weapon his his car on the school lot.) 
Look at the angry (and then finally a little bit conciliatory) tweet storm that followed.

I then answered a David Hogg tweet by maintaining that the only people who should be armed in a school should be police or properly paid security officers.  I might be OK with armed teachers only if they were ex-police officers (or current) or retired military or in the reserves. But one respondent said that my suggestion would make (unarmed) schools into targets.  Responding to David Hogg's passion, kids are safer, it is said, of some teachers do take the responsibilities of protectors and learn to use firearms. 

Somewhere I've read that Hogg did learn how to use firearms in his family and is competent and doing so.
  Another twitter user on the far right just tweeted "you're dumb" to me and I retweeted. But frankly only very highly trained personnel could safely try to use a firearm in a crowd of students to defend them.  And school security should be much better against lone persons or students -- against a foreign enemy ("Red Dawn" movie scenarios) that's another matter. 
 The latest on the STEM Highlands Ranch, CO is here.  One of the suspects is a juvenile female. 

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