Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Border crisis starting to affect the morality of individual Americans?

Reports of inappropriate posts in a closed Facebook group by some border agents surfaced Monday, and were discussed on AC360 Monday night (story).  Anderson was told that at least one remark was made about him for his homosexuality.

A closed group is supposed to be “whitelisted”, but the participants could have reasonably expected that their behavior would become public.  (Not so sure with Kyle and Harvard.)

Tonight Anderson interviewed a DHS (Homeland Security) watchdog (I did not get the name). Appalling conditions were described, and the speaker made the argument that Americans owe the people care despite their illegal entry.

Literally, that is normally true.  People who have been apprehended for crimes or law violations have injuries treated.

Here, masses of persons have apparently crossed the border, with some of the caravans organized by cartels and smugglers. Not all of them, but certainly criminal elements have exploited the politically volatile situation of polarization in the US.

Demonstrations and protests mount. David Hogg has entered the fray, Twitter stream   He supplied a long potential organizational donation list.

OK, what do we do?  We can’t release unaccompanied minors.  We can bring the parents back but that sounds very difficult logistically.  Besides the demonstrations and protests, does someone have a policy solution?

Congress, you haven’t done your job.  The Democrats have the House now.  Do your job.

I get the emails from Move On, to get stickers and attend protests, such as here, for "#ClosetheCamps".  But then, where do you send "them"?  This is beginning to sound like a wartime crisis. 
You can’t just release thousands of people (still separate from families) into the wild with no financial support.

You could push for private sponsorship, Canadian style. You could pressure people who inherited estates to offer to adopt or support the kids.  (Martin Goldberg raised the issue recently, is it our own personal responsibility to take care of other countries’ kids when we haven’t taken our own?  

 According to some quasi-Marxist theories of personal rightsizing, well, maybe yes. Particularly if you have any inherited wealth, and that is something I have to ponder. At some point, some of us become personally accountable for what our government does?? 

A Congresswoman told Chris Cuomo that non-profits should take care of the kids, but that is how refugee processing (not asylum seekers) works now. There are about ten large non-profits certified by DHS to supervise refugee placement (some are faith-based).  They don’t handle asylum seekers.

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