Sunday, July 21, 2019

Buttigieg criticizes white Americans for complacency about how they could have to own up to past white privilege

Rachel Scott et al of ABC News report candidate Pete Buttigieg’s saying “white supremacy could be an ‘issue that ends this country.’”

This is a little startling from Buttigieg whose policy statements sound fairly moderate and based in pragmatism.  But he has had issues in his own administration in South Bend.

He seemed to imply that the current “neutrality” of the attitudes of most centrist (non partisan) Americans, as expected in most workplaces, is not enough. That itself is a serious problem for free speech as we know it (and objective reporting) on the web.

The Washington Post Outlook section Sunday has several articles that express a similar sentiment, especially Viet Thanh Nguyen’s “Trump expects immigrants to be grateful and service” in a discussion of “go back”. The article refers to privileges “which many white people who are not white supremacists” benefit from, as if they will have to own up personally to sharing reparations in some publicly sacrificial way. 

To go back to quoting Buttigieg
"The entire American experiment is at stake in whether we can manage to deliver prosperity in a way that your race has no bearing on your income, your wealth, your employment opportunities, your experience with criminal justice [and] your ability to vote."
"We’re just not there and we won’t get there until we acknowledge that replacing a racist historical structure with a more neutral current one is not enough,"

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