Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Buttigieg leverages his own post-DADT military experience to proposal national service

Pete Buttigieg has proposed a national service plan, which would emphasize ages 18-24 and would introduce new ideas like a Climate Corps.  Politico has a typical story.

As usual, you wonder if government agencies should supervise these, or if social service agencies (some of them would be faith-based and would have to agree not to discriminate), as is the case now with settling refugees, would be better.

Buttigieg relied on his own military experience (after the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) in being motivated to make the proposal. 

Service would enable student loan payoff, but that benefit would be less valuable if the loan forgiveness happens anyway as under Warren or Sanders.  Maybe it would be useful for higher income students with less loan forgiveness.

There would be a productive question, as to whether periods of service could be proposed for retirees.
However, if I ever joined such a program all my own blogging and journalism would stop and could not be readily resumed when I returned (unless there was a solid business proposal, next paragraph).
In the future, if the ability to create citizen journalism channels on social media becomes more restricted (my main blog, June 27) a service period could be considered as showing evidence of “social credit”.  I wonder if that is in the back of Buttigieg’s mind.

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