Sunday, July 14, 2019

Vox cites new book and Oakland law group in arguing for "evidence based intervention" to prevent gun violence, and frankly reduce the count of guns in circulation

German Lopez, of Vox, argues for a focused strategy for gradually reducing the number of weapons on the streets among person who should not have them, as he argues in a Vox piece “How to dramatically reduce gun violence in American cities”.

He discusses a book “Bleeding Out” by a criminal justice expert Thomas Apt.
Lopez argues for “evidence-based strategies” with focused interventions in at risk families and neighborhoods.  He cites the Giffords Law Center, “Faith in Action” called “A Case Study in Hope: Lesson’s from Oakland’s Remarkable Reductionin Gun Violence”. 

This could lead to increase in the use of ideas of adult guardianship in some states with citizens, especially alone, who seem less competent.

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